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This Enchanting Water Lantern Festival Is Coming To Georgia This Summer

Prepare for a surprisingly emotional evening.
This Enchanting Water Lantern Festival Is Coming To Georgia This Summer

One of the top-rated festivals has made its way across Canada, Mexico, and the United States with Georgia being their next stop. Just this year, the Water Lantern Festival was voted the #1 Cultural Festival, and ironically you might not have even heard of it. 

The Water Lantern Festival has no competitor because there's no other event like this. You and hundreds of other people will have the chance to design your own custom lantern to light up the water. It's all about connectedness on this epic night. 

This event is truly what you make it. Whether you're sending off negative energy, dedicating a lantern to a lost loved one, or sending words of encouragement to yourself and the world, the vibe here is one of love and hopefulness. 

There's way more to do than design a lantern at the park. You can fill up on one of the many food trucks, dance to live music, and take part in the games or activities. It's the perfect setting for adults and kids alike.

You're also allowed to bring your own food and drinks, so this serves as the perfect picnic environment. 

If you're environmentally conscious, the lanterns are eco-friendly and properly discarded after the event. There is no wildlife or nature disturbed in the making of this festival. 

There are two opportunities to catch the beauty of this event in Georgia. On June 15, Lake Meyer in Savannah, GA will light up the night. Shortly after, Jim R. Miller Park in Marietta, GA will host the magical evening on July 7. Gates at both events open at 6 p.m. 

Tickets are on sale right now for $25. If you wait until the day of the event, ticket prices will hit $40. Each ticket includes a lantern, markers, and a commemorative bag. Several cities have completely sold out, so you can buy tickets here