This Tiny House Community In Georgia Has Amazing Homes That Cost Less Than $50K

Live in a forest on a river.
Georgia’s Most Affordable Houses Are Probably In This Tiny Home Community

Homeowning is a goal that has been drilled into us since diapers. While the days of wanting "The American Dream" is completely dead, this is one of the ideas that stuck with us. We still drive for a home of our own, with or without the white picket fence. These days, millennials are finding innovative ways to buy and sell homes that won't put us in the debt holes of our predecessors. The most affordable houses in Georgia are actually tiny houses.  

Little River Escape is a tucked away 50-acre private community just for tiny house owners. It's hidden in the mountains of Menlo, Georgia, an advantage for those who enjoy the outdoors. There's plenty of waterfalls and hikes in the area as well with many communal events to partake in. The property includes a maintained community pool, pool house and other amenities. LRE helps aspiring homeowners not only purchase tiny homes, but also the land it will sit on.

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According to Zillow, the average cost of homeownership in Georgia is around $190,000 ($251,700 in Atlanta), which is a bit insane. However, with the tiny houses in LRE, the average cost is about $40,000 to $50,000. This is before the 7% taxes of $3,500. Lot prices can range from $19,000 to $49,000. 

With your tiny house and the purchase of your land (about 30,000-square-feet), you're looking at about $61,950. In necessary, potential buyers are able to finance the new home as well. When you factor the recurring annual costs, you're only facing about $504 a month. That's less than the average $1,437 one-bedroom apartment in Atlanta, according to a report from Rent Jungle.

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If you're not interested in actually living in a tiny house (the minimalist life is not for everyone), you can sell or rent out your space for those who would truly enjoy the peace and quiet of river-living. The tiny houses take about 8-10 weeks to complete with a variety of designs to choose from.  

LRE has pre-built tiny houses for interested folks to check out, but if you want to handle the build alone, you only have to clear the specifications with the site owners. Outside of them making sure your home design looks as amazing as the others on the property, they assist you with the legal parameters of delivery and zoning.

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If you need to test the waters first, you can stay a few nights in this tiny house in the mountains or get the nature vibe from a treehouse Airbnb in Savannah.

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