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You Can Indulge In A Massive 7-Pound 20-Scoop Ice Cream Sundae In Athens, Georgia

Ice cream is one of America's number one obsessions. Even those that are lactose intolerant will feel the pain later because ice cream is just that good. Ben & Jerry's might be one of the most recognized dessert companies in the entire country, and for great reasons. With their many unique flavors and one of a kind 20-scoop ice cream bucket, you are sure to find something you enjoy from this shop in Athens. 

There are many Ben & Jerry's storefronts in Georgia, but the one in Athens always has a line out the door. Whether it is to get a cone of Phish Food or an infamous "Vermonster" with some friends, you cannot just walk in and not get anything. 

If you have some friends who love ice cream as much as you do, ordering the Vermonster is the way to go. This treat is a 20-scoop ice cream bucket that will be topped with four servings of your favorite toppings.

Picking four to five flavors, you will fill up this bucket. Choose from the classic flavors or get creative with the unique Ben & Jerry's specialty options. Once your scoops are in position, four whole bananas will be sliced and added (since this is a sundae). Just wait, there is so much more.

Your friendly ice cream maker will chop up three fresh, made in house, chocolate chip cookies, and a brownie to sprinkle on the top of your bananas and scoops. To top this off, you get four servings of hot fudge or caramel drizzled all over. If you are a fan of chopped walnuts, you can add these as well.

Are you as mind blown as we are? We almost forgot to add the most important part of this monstrous dessert: the whipped cream and candy toppings. One bite of this delicious treat will have you bouncing off the walls! 

Whipped cream will fill the entire top of the bucket and two scoops of the candy of your choice will be added. You might need five or more friends to devour this thing.

The Vermonster runs at $39.99 and is available at select locations. Lucky for us, it is available right in the middle of the state. If you are located in Atlanta, there is an ice cream shop where you can get equally insane ice cream sandwiches. It is kinda like a Vermonster, but in sandwich form. 

Ben & Jerry's Vermonster

Price: $40

Address: 105 College Ave, Athens, GA 30601

Why you should go: Ben & Jerry's is already a nation renowned ice cream company. At some storefront locations, you can order the Vermonster and share it with a ton of your friends. 


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