Governor Gavin Newsom announced that haircuts in California are off the table right now. In his new plan for reopening the state, nonessential businesses such as hair salons and barbershops won't reopen for months. It might be time to order that home haircutting kit.

It will be "months, not weeks" before these types of businesses can open again, said Newsom.

Yesterday, he laid out a four-stage plan to reopen the economy after COVID-19.

Hair and nail salons won't open until stage three since they're categorized as "higher risk workplaces" due to social distancing concerns.

These types of businesses have been closed ever since March 19 when Newsom issued the state's mandatory stay-at-home order.

Since, he has faced pressure from local protestors, cities, and counties across California to speed up the process and reopen the state sooner. 

But Newsom said neither protests nor politics would influence his decision to reopen the state.

He said, "CA will reopen our economy in a gradual and thoughtful way -- guided by public health and science. Our stores will look different. Offices will operate differently. But we will be healthier."

We are only in stage one of four right now, which is about safety and preparedness. 

During this time, Newsom plans to build out COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, and ensuring hospitals are able to adequately care for a surge of patients.

His report notes that this is done to make essential workplaces as safe as possible.

As of April 29, there are 46,500 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in California; this is a 3.3% increase from yesterday. There are 1,887 deaths which are up 4.3% since April 28.

Many of those hospitalized are in intensive care units, said Newsom. "CA is flattening the curve, but we must continue to take this seriously."