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"Ghosted Hair" Is The Hottest New Colour Trend And It Won't Leave You Heartbroken

While getting ghosted can leave you heartbroken, drinking several glasses of rosé while watching Bridge Jones over and over and over again, this new hair trend won't. And in fact, will most likely have you running to your hairstylist begging them to transform your hair for a whole new you (boy, bye).

The "ghosted" part of this new hair trend actually comes from the ethereal, opalescent shades of the colour that was first coined by Jason Hogan of Josh Wood Atelier in London, according to The Sun. His team says that the “ghosted” shade is created by the “relative absence of hue contrast is offset by the addition of variations in tone and texture to give other worldly dimension.”

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Since being posted on Jason Hogan's Instagram, it's been popping up all over the internet with different variations. According to Allure, Hogan creates this look by using a "lightener to decolour the hair and begin with a clean canvas."

He then creates layers throughout by applying "acidic semipermanent colours" to create this "ghosted" look that changes hues as the hair moves. Hogan adds that Olaplex is used throughout the entire process between steps to keep the hair strong and prevent severe damage.

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So if you're looking to get a new hairstyle this year and forget about that guy/girl who left you on read, it's time you tried "ghosting" for yourself.