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Giacomo Gianniotti Tried To Celebrate American Thanksgiving But Things Got Dangerous

It was probably one of the most thankful days of his life!
Giacomo Gianniotti Canadian Nationality

There are plenty of Canadians in Hollywood, because their work requires them to relocate to the United States a lot of the time, it's only natural they start celebrating American holidays. For example, Giacomo Gianniotti's Canadian nationality didn't stop him from celebrating American Thanksgiving this week. While there are other Canadians who stick to celebrating their hometown tradition, like Shawn Mendes, there's nothing wrong with being thankful twice a year! 

Although Gianniotti had intentions of having a nice Thanksgiving getaway, things got off to a rough start. 

The Canadian actor is currently in LA filming for his hit show Grey's Anatomy but announced on his Instagram story that he, "Drove up north for the Thanksgiving Weekend." He filmed his adventure into the snowy mountain as a time-lapse. 

But when his followers clicked onto the next story they'd see that not everything was as perfect as the epic view,"80 Miles from our destination tire chains I had installed slashed my brake lines." Yikes! 

We see his car slow down to a stop and frantic attempts at fixing the car from himself and his passengers. 

He let everyone know how lucky he was that "manually gearing down to slow down eventually allowing me (Gianniotti) to access the parking brake stopped the car. "

In the end, it took Gianniotti a tow truck ride, a ride from the sheriff of the town they'd been in, and two Ubers to finally reach their destination. 

The whole point of sharing his story though wasn't just to complain about his stressful day, but to show the kindness he received THROUGHOUT their stressful experience, "What was the silver lining, was the humans along the way that helped."

It may not have been Thanksgiving here in Canada, but it seems like Gianniotti had one of the most thankful days of his like in California this weekend! 

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