“Grey’s Anatomy” Star Giacomo Gianniotti’s Life In Canada Before Fame Was So Relatable

He still spends most of his time in Toronto!
Giacomo Gianniotti Life In Canada

When we watch actors on our favourite shows every week, we don't really stop to think about what their lives were like before they got in front of the camera. Actors like Giacomo Gianniotti though had one of the most relatable lives of any Canadian celebrity. He's also one of the Canadian celebs who prefers to spend most of his time outside of Grey's Anatomy in his hometown of Toronto. 

Like many people in Canada, Giacomo actually immigrated here. He was born in Rome and moved to Canada as a young child. In high school, he auditioned for the Toronto art school Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts and later went on to study theatre at Humber College. 

While studying for his college diploma he completed a residency at a Toronto film centre. 

Before landing his role as Dr. Andrew DeLuca on Grey's Anatomy, Gianniotti spent his time between Toronto and Rome working in films and theatre productions. When he started getting television roles they were for shows that were in production in Toronto; Reign, Beauty & the Beast, and Murdock Mysteries.

In 2015 he was finally cast in Grey's Anatomy as Andrew DeLuca and became a series regular in 2016.

It's no secret that Gianniotti also grew up loving Toronto sports teams. Like almost everyone in the city, he's a huge supporter of the Toronto Raptors, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Blue Jays. He even partied downtown when the Raptors won the championship

He still often posts on Instagram stories while in Toronto hanging out with friends, showing off his Italian-Canadian culture, and helping out Canadian-owned businesses

He recently got married to his long-time Fiance, makeup artist Nicole Gianniotti, back in April. Although the two got married at a ceremony in Rome, they're spotted in Toronto together quite often. 

It doesn't seem like fame is going to affect how much Gianniotti is obsessed with his home countries. He was raised like an average middle-class Canadian and for that, we're pretty sure he'll always be relatable.

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