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Giacomo Gianniotti Is Getting Praised By Fans For His Huge 'Grey's Anatomy' Episode

Just another tragic day at Grey Sloan Memorial.
Giacomo Gianniotti Is Getting Praised By Fans For His Huge 'Grey's Anatomy' Episode

Just another regular day at Grey Sloan Memorial. Giacomo Gianniotti’s Grey’s Anatomy character, Andrew DeLuca, left viewers heartbroken and worried after the show’s recent episode. However, fans couldn’t help but be impressed with the Canadian actor’s emotional performance.

If you haven’t watched episode 18 of the medical drama’s newest season, spoilers are ahead.

While Meredith Grey stressed about a day full of surgeries with a shortage of surgeons, DeLuca worried about his teen patient showing signs of being involved in human trafficking.

He couldn’t help but look right through the talkative “aunt” who wouldn’t allow the patient to get a word in, or the teen’s suspicious hernia and UTI.

Despite being under oath and not being able to make assumptions, he ended up confronting the “aunt” which led to the patient’s immediate discharge. However, not before it was confirmed to the audience that DeLuca’s assumptions were in fact, correct.

His misconduct sent him into a downward spiral that not even ex-girlfriend Meredith could get him out of. The lover’s spat only resulted in a refusal of love on DeLuca’s end and a threat to quit his job at the hospital.

The last the audience saw of DeLuca he was speeding down a road on his motorcycle leaving fans with the inevitable question of, “how hard will he fall?”

Despite the episode's roller-coaster of emotions, viewers couldn’t help but set aside their feelings for the character and praise Giacomo for his “phenomenal” performance.

One Twitter user even admitted the 30-year-old actor deserved “all the awards.”

Gianniotti himself knew what would be airing this Thursday. Before the episode, he took to his Instagram story urging fans to tune in, admitting it was a “big” night for his character.

EW reported last week that Grey’s Anatomy has since halted production on season 16 amid the COVID-19 outbreak. However, as of right now, episodes are still airing Thursday nights on CTV.