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A Cougar Was Filmed Trying To Break Into A Cabin In BC This Week (VIDEO)

The cougar launches itself directly at the person filming.
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A Cougar Was Filmed Trying To Break Into A Cabin In BC This Week (VIDEO)

A group of friends had the surprise of their life this week when they had a close encounter with a giant cougar outside their Tofino cabin. Fortunately, the group lived to tell the tale and even managed to capture the whole encounter on video. The video, which was taken on Wednesday, shows the magnificent creature circling the Tofino cabin, before launching itself directly at the person filming.

The video of the wild animal approaching humans so closely has drawn considerable attention online, with some people concerned that the cougar was underweight and was out searching for a meal.

Speaking to CTV News about the encounter, Shaun Shelongosky said he was simply having a morning coffee with his friends when the animal appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. Shelongosky said the cougar suddenly just jumped onto the front porch of his Vancouver Island cabin."It was looking straight through the window right at us and was definitely sizing us up,” he said. 

In the three-and-a-half minute video that was posted to YouTube, Shelongosky and his friends can be heard saying, “I’m so amazed right now!” After the cougar launches closer towards the glass door of the cabin, one voice urges the others to “Go upstairs! Go upstairs now!”

Later on in the video, one person says, “In all my years, I have never in my life seen a cougar here.”

This comes only a week after fellow Vancouver Island resident, Dee Gallant, managed to scare away a cougar by blastic Metallica’s music. Gallant told Narcity, “I’d seen cougars before, but only briefly running across the trail, not actually stalking me, that’s what this was. He was quite interested in me.”

These two unusual encounters with cougars have led some people online to question why they are approaching humans all of a sudden. In response to the video of the cougar at the Tofino cabin, one Twitter user wrote, “Cougar looks pretty emaciated.. probably was quite desperate for a meal."

Speaking about the cougar encounter on Wednesday, Shelongosky said, “It was the shock of a lifetime and the thrill of a lifetime too. I am grateful to have been here."

That said, he added, “ It made walking home the next night in the dark very scary. Me with an air horn, a can of pepper spray and an ax."   

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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