Summertime means summer flower blooms. The gardens that grow and flourish during the spring and summer months are one of the best parts of this time, and the most beautiful. Gibbs Gardens is one of those places you cannot miss out on during this season. 

Gibbs is a 300 acres estate garden which includes the Manor on site, with 220 acres of just straight gardens in the North Georgia mountains. Each season, new flowers bloom and you can actually go see them.

This location is one of the nations' largest residential estate gardens, according to their official website.

There are 16 different gardens inside the estate and three feature gardens. In these feature gardens, you can expect a Manor House Garden, a Japanese Garden, and a Waterlily Garden. 

This place is enormous, so you better put on your best tennis shoes because you are going to want to see all of it. 

Some flowers that you will encounter are Azalea Colorfest, Ferns, Rose Colorfest, Hydrangeas, and Waterlilies are in bloom during the spring and summer months. 

The Rose Colorfest flowers are a light pink flower that are in bloom from early May to November. They also range to a hot pink color as well. You can find these roses on vines and bushes throughout the property. 

You can find all the flowers that are in bloom in each season, here

This garden does not just have gorgeous amounts of flowers, it has more to offer. 

You'll see 24 ponds, 32 bridge crossings, and 19 waterfalls. Some of these features are all different sizes, but you should try and see if you can find all of them. 

From now until the end of November, there is a tram that runs from the Japanese Gardens and to the Manor House. The tickets are only $5 and may save your feet from some pain. 

The Manor House has to be the coolest part of the property. It looks like it came straight out of Europe. The owners purchased most of the architecture from France, like the fireplace, glass doors, and windows. Be sure to explore this part of the grounds if you are short on time. 

There are gardens that surround the house that are all different colors that you can just get lost in. You'll also be able to see a view of the North Georgia sky and mountains from this area.

Tickets are $20 plus tax for a full day at the gardens. It is located at 1987 Gibbs Drive, Ball Ground, GA 30107 and is open from 9:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.