Gigi Hadid's 2019 Halloween costume was so unexpected. At fellow runway model Kendall Jenner's 24th birthday/Halloween bash, she showed off not only her makeup artists' skills but also reminded everyone how cool Canadian content is. She dressed up as Jim Carrey's iconic character from The Mask

If you've never watched The Mask, it's one of Carrey's biggest films and follows a man named Stanley Ipkiss who finds a mask that holds a spirit inside. When you put the mask on you transform into a supernatural playboy that instills false confidence. Oh, and your face also looks completely green as the mask molds into your skin. Unfortunately, there are also downsides to wearing the mask. 

Her makeup artist was the first to make the big reveal posting it on his Instagram feed and captioning the photo, "The Mask." In the photo, Hadid shows off her new green skin, yellow suit and matching iconic yellow fedora. 

Her stylist Mimi Cuttrell also did a stunning job with the costume. The yellow suit not only stood out because of the colour but because of the polka dot accents featured underneath and her short flared dress pants that showed off her white socks and black oxfords. 

She later showed off her entire look on camera when Kendall Jenner recorded her dancing the night away on her Instagram story. 

While Hadid went for a more revamped comedic look, Kendall Jenner went full out goddess revealing her Halloween and birthday look on her Instagram story as well. Her gold dress and matching headpiece made her look like a fairy queen. 

Between Hadid's iconic Jim Carrey look to Kendall Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian's glamorous take on Halloween, it's safe to say that Hollywood definitely came to slay spooky season this year. 

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