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Video Of Girl Caught Pouring A Drink Into A Canada Post Mail Box Goes Viral

She could face charges for tampering with mail.
Ontario Editor
Video Of Girl Caught Pouring A Drink Into A Canada Post Mail Box Goes Viral

One Canadian woman is under scrutiny from the rest of the nation after a viral video of her pouring a drink into a Canada Post mailbox has taken over the internet. The video that surfaced through Instagram and Reddit this week showcases the woman tampering and harming mail, something that is considered to be a criminal offense throughout Canada.

The video, that has gained popularity through 6ixbuzztv on Instagram, showcases a woman opening up the lid of an outdoor Canada Post mailbox before pouring an entire bottle of unknown liquid into it. The woman then closes the lid of the mailbox and leaves the scene, glass bottle still in hand. It is speculated that pouring the liquid into the mailbox has harmed the mail that was waiting to be sent out, which is a serious offense under Canada law. 

Since the video has surfaced, Canada Post has confirmed to City News that the incident is currently under investigation and that they take the 'security of mail very seriously'. 

Of course, harming or tampering with mail is a crime that is punishable under the Criminal Code of Canada. Anyone who is caught tampering with mail, such as the woman has done in this video, can face up to ten years in jail and a fine.  

While Canada Post has not confirmed where the incident took place, City News claims that it appears to have happened at a Mississauga Plaza near 10 Line. 

Since the video has surfaced, many Canadians are sharing their reactions to the incident online. After being posted to 6ixbuzztv, many users are actually comparing the incident to the infamous 'chair girl' who threw a chair off a balcony in Toronto earlier this summer. 

6ixbuzztv even states in their caption of the video, "Y'all seen Chair Girl.... Now meet Mailbox Girl." 

Of course, multiple comments showcase the disappointment that Canadians have with this new 'Mailbox Girl' and how she should be found and charged from the crime that she has committed. 

While the video has gone viral, it is unclear if police are involved in the incident or if anyone is aware of the identity of the woman that was involved in the crime. 

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