"Girl On The Third Floor" On Netflix Canada Is Leaving Viewers Disturbed & Confused

"It gave me a sense of unease unlike any film I’ve seen in recent memory."
"Girl on the Third Floor"

You may want to sleep with the lights on after watching this film. The Girl on the Third Floor was recently added to Netflix Canada’s catalogue, and viewers have already taken to Twitter to share their opinions on it. If you’re the kind of person who loves creepy horror films, you’ll want to check this one out.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the movie tells the story of a man named Don Koch (played by CM Punk), who’s lacking in his role as a husband. After nearly landing in jail, Don decides to turn his life around and try to make up for past mistakes by fixing up an old mansion for his growing family.

With a new baby on the way, Don’s wife, Liz (played by Trieste Kelly Dunn), begins putting pressure on him to get the house renovated faster. With all the stress, Don finds himself falling into old patterns and responding to flirtations from a good looking stranger.

As Don continues to tear apart the house, he uncovers the mysterious and disturbing secrets that lay inside, while also uncovering dark secrets about himself.

The film has become a popular topic of discussion amongst Twitter users, with plenty of viewers sharing their thoughts on the unsettling horror film.

“Girl on the Third Floor is stuck in my brain and I can’t quite shake it. Please watch this movie. It gave me a sense of unease unlike any film I’ve seen in recent memory,” one person tweeted.

“@CMPunk just finished Girl on the Third Floor. It’s so refreshing to see a haunted house flick that’s actually unique and original. Can’t just guess all the story beats, and it gradually builds a creepy atmosphere rather than hitting you over the head with jump scares. Top notch,” commented another.

What makes Girl on the Third Floor even creepier is the fact that it’s not entirely fictional, Bloody Disgusting reports. The movie was shot in a house in Frankfort, Illinois that has a history of paranormal activity, which director Travis Stevens chose to include in the film.

Next time you find yourself in the mood to watch something that will leave you feeling totally unsettled, be sure to check out Girl on the Third Floor on Netflix. You can check out the chilling trailer for the movie below.