You Can Glamp Under A Starry Sky In The Mountains At This North Carolina Tent

Say bye bye to your sleeping bag.
Glamping Experience In North Carolina Is Out Of This World & Super Affordable

Glamping is the new camping. It's the best way to experience the outdoors without all the creepy crawlies and hard forest floor. North Carolina has too many outdoor activities to count and sometimes, you have no other option than to camp; the wilderness doesn't have hotels believe it or not. This glamping experience in North Carolina is sure to change the way you look at adventuring and actual camping. 

Asheville Glamping has multiple options to choose from when it comes to your outdoor stay. They have boujee tents, bubble domes and even retro buses you can stay in. They are all priced pretty fair when you look at all you will be getting. 

One experience you can choose is the Deluxe Bell tent experience. This deluxe tent has everything you need and gives you all the views that will make you want to never leave. 

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This specific Deluxe Bell tent is fit for two, so it's sure to make for a romantic getaway. This tent is located on the owner's 15-acre property, AKA you'll have a whole lot of privacy when you stay here.  

There is a pond on the property that makes the perfect spot for star gazing at night because there are no city or car lights to ruin the night sky. The tent is also elevated on a wooden deck, which gives you insane views of the mountains in the distance. 

Instead of sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground, you'll be resting your head on a memory foam queen mattress. The tent also has electricity so you don't have to be completely disconnected from the rest of the world. 

There's a working bathroom just little ways up from the tent with a hot shower. The best part about this destination is the hot tub. You can hang out in the hot tub while looking at thousands of stars above you. 

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You can start booking for the 2020 season now, which we highly suggest because spots fill up very fast!

Deluxe Bell Tent #2 

Price Per Night: $145+

Address: Asheville, NC (Address will be available upon booking)

Why You Need To Go: You can get away from the world at this glamping site with a memory foam queen bed, hot tub and amazing views of the starry sky. 

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