When I look out the window of my city apartment, I have a stunning view of a bunch of dumpsters lined up along the all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant's parking lot behind my place. Even though I'm not a camper, I could get used to waking up and seeing the incredible ocean outside instead. If you've ever been curious about going glamping in B.C., then this would be a great place to test the waters.

Right on the shores of B.C.'s Sunshine Coast, you can rent a glamping tent that looks like it's straight out of a romance novel.

Each of the adorable tents are big enough for two. You can split it with your s/o or your friend.

This place is perfect if you love adventure. You can only get to the tents by trails through old-growth forests and by kayak or paddleboard.

With no kitchen in your tent, you have to get a special meal plan. It includes healthy and hyper-local food for every meal so you can really relax and soak in the wild B.C. coast.

Once you arrive there are a ton of cool things to do like hiking, kayaking, and even stand-up paddle boarding and scuba diving if you want.

The tent is set up on a platform just steps away from the water's edge.

It looks so dramatic set against the thick forests that it's almost like a scene from a movie.

The tents have two doors, one open to the forest and one open to the sea.

You even get your own waterfront deck with Adirondack chairs so you can watch the colours on the water change as the sun sets in the evenings.

It's actually an adventure just to find this place that's hidden on B.C.'s sunshine coast.

Its remote location makes it the perfect romantic getaway with your s/o if you crave adventure more than room service

Sunshine Coast Glamping

Price Per Night: $270+

Neighbourhood: Sechelt, BC

Why You Need To Go: Why not wake up right on the ocean in this romantic and secluded glamping spot?