Whether it's finals, end-of-the-year projects at work or just stress from the holidays coming up, this time of year can be daunting and you deserve to destress. There are only two more months until the new year, meaning it's time to reward yourself for all your 2019 accomplishments. There's no better way than to treat yourself and decompress than glamping in Georgia at this amazing secluded yurt.

This remote yurt has zen written all over it. The massive, open space is the perfect place to clear your mind and have a peaceful weekend in the great outdoors. You'll be super close to Panola Mountain State Park and Lake Capri so you can explore the serene outdoors and enjoy some gorgeous views. It seems as though this would be hours north of the city, but it's less than a 30-minute drive from Atlanta.

The 80-acre property offers beautiful views of the lake at every turn, so you can revel in all the serenity from the massive patio space (which includes hammocks). If the weather gets chilly at night, feel free to gather round the glamp fire with friends at the fire pit.

Don't feel guilty about your getaway because the price is almost too good to be true. The total cost per night is $200 and the yurt accomodates six people, so that's only $33 each!

Channel your inner Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love in the vibrant, open space with modern architecture and decor and enjoy the natural light pouring through the windows. The furniture is placed along the edges of the round inner space, leaving the center wide open, ideal for meditation and yoga.

There is one queen-sized bed, a twin bunk bed and two additional floor mattresses. The bathroom is right outside the yurt and includes a toilet, sink and shower.

Put your cooking skills to the test and dine in at home (or al fresca on the rustic patio) because there is a kitchenette packed with all your cooking essentials plus a grill outside. 

Reconnect with nature and find genuine tranquility with your best buds because what's better than being a hippie for a day? Recharging and unplugging is so necessary to keep your sanity so come out to Conyers to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with your mind, body and soul.

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Secluded Yurt Near Panola Mountain State Park

Price Per Night: $33 per person

Address: Conyers, GA

Why You Need To Go: Be a hippie for a weekend by unwinding in a beautiful secluded yurt surrounded by nature for only $33.