8 Best Rentals In Florida To Book For An Enchanting Glamping Trip

Whether you want your stay to be amazing or affordable, this list has you covered!
Glamping Vacation Rentals In Florida For The Ultimate Unique Nature Filled Escape

Some people love nature, but not so much camping. Maybe it's sleeping on the ground or not feeling safe in a tent; regardless of reason, you don't have to settle for an expensive resort. There are plenty of glamping vacation rentals in Florida that get you close to nature — without having to sacrifice on amenities.

Whether you're looking for something over the top or want to keep it a little more affordable, you'll find a little bit of both on this list; featuring unique stays like cozy cabins, treehouses, floating boathouse cabins, even teepees, and adorable alpacas.

If you're ready for the best nature escape, get ready to check out these 8 enchanting rentals in Florida for the ultimate glamping trip.

Longboat Key Private Island Treehouse

Price Per Night: More expensive at $1477+, but sleeps up to 20 guests. Split that's less than $80 per person per night, less than you'd spend at most resorts and far more unique.

Address Or Neighbourhood: Longboat Key, FL; exact location provided after booking.

Why You Need To Go: Have access to a private beach, hammocks, jacuzzi, and barbeque on the secluded island of Longboat Key. You'll be holed up in gorgeous glamping treehouses, giving you insane views of the water. BONUS: pets are allowed.

Glamping With Alpacas

Price Per Night: $65 for 2 guests; split that's about $33 each.

Address Or Neighbourhood: Lee FL near Live Oak, where you can find a hidden graffiti-covered abandoned bridge that is a trippy road tripper's dream. The exact location is provided after booking.

Why You Need To Go: Stay in a cute tent on an alpaca farm. Pet them as they wander the grassy fields, or admire from afar. More rustic than some of the other spots on this list, yet still charming.

Danville Yurt Treehouse

Price Per Night: $150 for 2 guests; split that's about $75 per person, still less than most resorts in Florida.

Address Or Neighbourhood: Geneva near Orlando; exact location provided after booking.

Why You Need To Go: An extraordinary treehouse with a jacuzzi, fire pits, grill, showers with hot water, treetop decks, cable t.v., air conditioning, lake access and so much more. This place is AMAZING, surprisingly affordable, on a quaint property and only about 40 minutes away from an enchanting emerald spring run with a natural lazy river.

Key West Tiki Suite

Price Per Night: $389 for 2 guests; split that's about $195 each.

Address Or Neighbourhood: Key West, FL, with the exact location provided after booking.

Why You Need To Go: A little more pricey per person per night, but totally worth it. Secluded in a breathtaking tiki suite floating on the ocean, you'll have amazing views from your deck chairs or king bed, with windows and doors opening up on all sides. You can even hang a hammock at the front and laze the day away as you watch the sunset.

Treehouse In The Woods Near Orlando

Price Per Night: $98 for up to 3 guests; that's only about $33 per person.

Address Or Neighbourhood: Kissimmee near Orlando; exact location provided after booking. The perfect excuse to check out this hidden indoor jungle oasis in Kissimmee.

Why You Need To Go: Close to the Orlando airport & other fun things to do in The City Beautiful, yet enough seclusion for a romantic & dreamy escape in a treehouse in the woods. Super affordable too, especially if you split costs. Lake views, hammocks, A.C, and a grill are a plus.

Coldwater Eco Tiny Cottage

Price Per Night: $150 on weekdays, $170 on weekends; sleeps up to 4 guests.

Address Or Neighbourhood: 7009 Creek Stone Rd, Milton, FL

Why You Need To Go: Eco-friendly designs featuring geothermal heat & AC, LED lighting, on-demand water heater, spray foam insulation, locally sourced building materials, and a minimal footprint (600 sq ft). You'll have a full-size king bed, functional kitchen with cooking essentials, secluded forest views, grill, fire pits, and more. They also have modern treehouses and tiny cabanas here at a different price point.

The Happy Crabby — Floating Tiny Home in Paradise

Price Per Night: $110 for two guests; that's only $55 per person

Address Or Neighbourhood: Key Largo near Lake Surprise; exact location provided after booking. It's close to the first-ever undersea park, where you can see an enchanting sunken Jesus statue.

Why You Need To Go: The cutest tiny house that's actually a floating boat cabin. You'll be anchored into The Gulf of Mexico, with a little deck for you to fish, sunbathe, and even watch sunrises and sunsets. A unique stay in a slice of Florida's Paradise.

Luxe Teepees at Westgate River Ranch

Price Per Night: Start at $627.50 for up to 4 guests; that's about $160 per person.

Address Or Neighbourhood: 3200 River Ranch Boulevard, River Ranch, FL

Why You Need To Go: Beautiful luxury teepee tents featuring shockingly breathtaking 650 square foot interiors. The lot is canopied in sweeping trees with hammocks, horseback rides, beer in glass boots and more fun to be had across the property. Perfect for a western-style glamping escape.

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.