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Glitter Mountain In Arizona Is A Sparkly Hill Covered In Crystals

Diamonds can be anyone's best friend especially if there are a lot of them. We love all things that sparkle and this mountain is no exception. Glitter Mountain in Arizona is covered in crystals that shimmer and shine in the sunlight, so the whole hillside looks like it's covered in sequins. 

Glitter Mountain is an old gypsum mine covered in thousands of fragments of the mineral. These clear crystals are lying all around the pit and the rim, causing the hills to sparkle in the sunlight.

The pit is off-limits by request of the owner of the area, but visitors are still allowed to explore around the outside. You can still enjoy the magic of this glittery slope and walk around for a while. 

While this used to be a mining free-for-all, Narcity was told by Feller Stone, the owners of the mine, that although it looks tempting, mining, chiseling or breaking off large chunks of the rocks is prohibited.  

They would like to preserve the area, as they do have a claim to it. Instead, you can enjoy the huge crystals from a distance and take home the little pieces you find on the ground for free. 

Tucked in the southeast corner of the state, this old mine is just barely across the border of Utah. The nearest town is St. George, about 25 minutes north. 

They say all that glitters is not gold, but this is still pretty cool. 

This is an awesome area to see raw minerals for yourself. It makes for a great trip with friends, plus the Little Black Mountain Petroglyph site is right nearby. You can check out two cool desert locations with one excursion! 

This is a great place to stop if you're in northeast Arizona or headed to Utah or Nevada on a road trip

There's so much to explore, we need to get started ASAP. 

Glitter Mountain 

Price: Free

Address: St. George, UT (south by 13 miles, across the AZ border) 

Why You Need To Go: Check out this sparkly mountain covered in crystals! 


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