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Gold Rush In Canada Is Back This Fall 2019 & You Can Win Up To $20,000

Here we go again! Earlier this year, Gold Hunt hid several treasures across Canada where a few lucky people won thousands of dollars. If you didn't win the challenge last time, you're in luck, because Gold Rush in Canada is back! This fall, a total of $240,000 in cash will be hidden in several cities across Canada. There will be $40,000 up for grabs per city in Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto.

This new experience is called Gold Rush Resurrection, which is the Haunted Edition, making it the perfect activity leading up to Halloween. Gold Rush describes the activity as a mix between an outdoor escape room, The Amazing Race, and the board game Clue. 

In Gold Rush Resurrection, you'll uncover terrifying true crime stories as you race to find the cash. The experience in each city will be unique because horror stories from the areas' past will influence each city's narrative. The central story will revolve around the boss who was killed in Gold Rush 1.0, who comes back from the dead!

How does this work? First, you buy a map for one of the cities. Then on the day of the event, you and your friends will put your sleuthing skills to the test to solve a series of puzzles and find the treasure.

Each city will have a total prize of $40,000. The first team to find the treasure in each city will get $20,000! Plus, there will be an additional 12 hidden treasures valued between $1000-5000. So, if you're good at solving riddles, this is your chance to win big! 

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Gold Rush Resurrection will take place in Ottawa on Oct. 4, Montreal on Oct. 11, and Edmonton on Nov. 1, 2019. The dates for Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto have yet to be announced, so make sure to check Gold Rush Canada's website for updates.

Tickets for Gold Rush Resurrection are already on sale! Team tickets for the treasure hunt start at $45 a person. The first 500 people to sign up will get an extra two golden clues to help them find the prize!

Gold Rush Resurrection

Price: From $45 a person for a team ticket

When: Ottawa on Oct. 4, Montreal on Oct. 11, and Edmonton on Nov. 1, 2019. Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto dates have yet to be announced.

Address: Various locations in Canada

Why You Need To Go: You can win up to $20,000 in prizes hidden in various cities in Canada!

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