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You Can Walk Alongside Friendly, Adorable Wolves In A BC Forest Near Calgary This Fall

Love animals but zoos aren't your thing? These Golden B.C. wolf walks are a unique opportunity to get up close with wolves and see what they're like in their natural habitat. Animal-lovers won't want to miss out on this opportunity to meet with wolves and go hiking with them through the forest this fall!

The Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre in Golden, B.C. offers hikes in the Rockies with wolves. Close to Yoho and Banff National Park, the wilderness here is almost as enchanting as the wolves. These walks are a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these amazing creatures in their element and it's nothing short of inspiring. 

According to the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre, All of their wolves were born and raised in captivity. Wolves that come on the walks have been heavily socialized with humans since they were young.

This early imprinting on them allows them to be less afraid of humans. Each walk is completely on the wolves terms. They are the ones leading you on the walk and any wolf interaction will only happen if and when the wolf decides to approach you! In this sense, they have a lot of autonomy and they're able to feel comfortable.

Every walk comes with a qualified and experienced wolf handler who watch out for both the wolves and the humans on the walk! You'll get a unique experience, plus an opportunity to photograph the wolves on these walks. 

In addition to these amazing wolf walks, you can also visit the centre. This is a more affordable option than the walks and you'll still get to see wolves up close and learn about their lives and conservation efforts in the wild of B.C.

The centre is open year-round and offers 25 fminute interpretive tours where you can learn cute facts about wolves and see them frollicking around enjoying their day. Golden is an eight hour drive from Vancouver and a three hour drive from Calgary, so it makes for a great road trip from both cities!

Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre

Price: Admission $12, Walk With Wolves $380 for two people

Address: Northern Lights Wolf Centre, 1745 Short Road, Golden, BC V0A 1H1

Why you need to go: Meet with wolves or go on a photo walk hike through the woods alongside friendly wolves on this amazing B.C. experience!


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