GoodLife Gyms Are Set To Open In 3 Provinces In June But You'll Need A Workout Appointment

It's almost go-time!
GoodLife Fitness Reopening In 3 Provinces In June But There Will Be Changes
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It's almost time to get back to the gym! GoodLife Fitness' reopening is happening in three provinces in June but the experience will be a little different. You'll actually have to book an appointment to be able to work out.

GoodLife Fitness has announced expected reopening dates for some locations and it's great news for exercise lovers in these three provinces.

In P.E.I., gyms are set to open again on June 15 and in B.C. and New Brunswick the same will happen on June 22.

Members will get an email one or two weeks in advance with more information.

To make sure that physical distancing measures can be followed and that everyone can feel safe in the gym, capacity will be reduced.

So, all workouts should be booked through the GoodLife app or the member portal online.

There are spots available in general workout areas, group fitness studios, cycling studios and women's areas.

Walk-ins are only allowed if there's space available when you arrive.

With this new measure, you can only use the gym once a day and book up to seven days in advance.

Membership fees are currently on hold across Canada and they'll only start up again once locations in your province reopen.

As part of the new booking system, you won't have to be unsure of when you'll get in, unlike when you wait in line at the grocery store.

You'll line up two metres away from other gymgoers and be let in when your one-hour session is scheduled to begin or even a few minutes earlier.

The health club company said that doing this allows them to keep capacity limited in order to reduce the potential spread of illnesses like COVID-19.

GoodLife has also put a bunch of other measures in place to make sure that their establishments are safe for everyone.

Every location will be deep cleaned on a daily basis and you'll have to wipe down equipment before and after you use it.

Arrows and signs will be there to make sure everyone can move around while keeping a safe distance.

Even with the reopenings, some services will still be unavailable like towels, showers, pools, saunas, hairdryers and massage chairs.

Locations will open up on a province-by-province basis, depending on the stage of recovery, guidelines released by public health officials and the full implementation of GoodLife's new standards of operation.

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