GoodLife's New Booking System Is So Strict & You Get Locked Out If You Don't Show Up

You really can't skip leg day.
GoodLife Fitness Reopening Means You'll Have To Book Workouts & The System Is Intense
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You better be there and be there on time! When the GoodLife Fitness reopening happens, you'll have to book your workout appointments and the system is really strict. If you're a no-show, you'll actually get locked out from booking.

GoodLife announced that locations are set to open up in some provinces in June but there are a lot of new measures that will be put in place.

So your gym-going experience will be a little different.

One of the new measures is booking one-hour time slots.

Doing this will help each location respect their capacity limit to promote physical distancing.

GoodLife is not messing around with these appointments and there are strict rules in place.

If you're a no-show more than twice in a two-week period, you won't be able to book another session for seven days.

At the end of your time slot, you have to leave the club regardless of when you entered. So, you can't stay longer if you've arrived late to your workout.

After 15 minutes have passed from your start time, if you still haven't shown up, your spot can be given away to anybody waiting to enter as a walk-in.

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To book an appointment when gyms in your province open up again, go to the GoodLife website and sign in with your email address or member ID.

On the main menu, there's a section dedicated solely to bookings.

Once you click on that, select which gym you want to go to and whether you want to do a class or a solo workout.

Then you can choose the day and one-hour time slot you want.

You can only book one workout per day, up to seven days in advance.

When you go to the gym for your slot, you'll line up in a designated area.

Someone will let you in once your session is about to begin.  

Walk-ins are only allowed if there's space in the gym and that line will be separate from the appointment one.

If you've been banned from booking for seven days, you can still do walk-in workouts if there's capacity.

Gyms in P.E.I. are set to open on June 15, and in B.C. and New Brunswick on June 22.

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