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Google Is Currently Down Across Canada And Nobody Knows Why

Multiple reports have been made that Google is down throughout the country.
Ontario Editor
Google Is Currently Down Across Canada And Nobody Knows Why

While many of us rely on Google for almost everything, it comes as a shock to Canadians as most of Google's services appear to be down across Canada. At the moment, there are multiple reports from Canadians stating that they are unable to access Google, Google Homes and Google-hosted websites due to the outage. According to, there have been multiple reports of people who are unable to access Google throughout the nation. Yet, nobody seems to know why this issue is occurring. 

While many online users are used to popular social media sites going down across Canada, Google has always seemed to be the reliable site. Unfortunately, throughout the day, multiple Canadians have reported that they have been unable to access certain parts of Google. 

The popular Google search bar seems to still be working for Canadians, but other aspects of Google seem to be completely down. Some users report that their Google Homes are unresponsive, while others state they are unable to access their Google Analytics. 

Google users are also claiming that Gmail is also down during this time. Other users claim that Youtube, Google classroom, Snapchat, Google play and even Pokemon Go are all also currently unavailable in some areas. 

Google has yet to make a comment about these outages, and at the moment, a lot of users are unaware of what is causing these issues. 

Of course, as Google continues to stay down throughout Canada, Canadians are taking to Twitter to freak out about the issue. 

Google doesn't just seem to be down across Canada. According to Down Detector parts of America and the UK are also facing similar issues. 

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