The family that you know and love from the fictional town of Schitt's Creek may not actually own the motel, but the location that it's shot on is an actual place in Canada. If you live nearby or up are for a road trip, you might want to check it out because the Google reviews of Schitt's Creek Motel are hilarious and touching. 

Located in Orangeville, Ontario, it's listed as the "Schitt's Creek TV Set" on Google Maps. It currently has 95 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, with mostly 5-star ratings. 

The Schitt's Creek Instagram account shared a few of the positive reviews of the motel earlier today. 

In the caption they wrote, "omg these google maps reviews of the 'Schitt’s Creek Motel' are the best, you sweet, sweet strangers."

Even co-creator and star of the show, Dan Levy, loved the reviews and retweeted them from the Schitt's Creek Twitter account with the caption, "This. And only this." with a heart emoji.

The reviews they posted are only a handful of dozens of other kind comments on Google.

What's certainly entertaining is the fact that fans leave little mentions of things that actually happened in the show, like complimentary "cinnamon buns and vodka" in the lobby, and "check out Rose Apothecary for all of your beauty needs."

Other Google reviews also include people talking about the "oversized family portrait in the lobby", "mandatory happy hour", and even "Singles Week" which was featured in season four of the show.

This person wrote, "The hotel is rather quaint, but I was uncomfortable with the oversized family portrait in the lobby. Her eyes wouldn't stop following me."

They're likely referencing the infamous painting shown below, which features Moira's unwavering eyes.

Another person comically wrote, "Was told to attend a mandatory happy hour in the lobby but there was a guy that worked in a quarry there so that made it fun."

This person wrote, "Stayed here during Singles Week, great hospitality from the staff. Would of given 5 stars but they didn't have "Do Not Disturb" signs which would of come in handy."

The reviews come from various points in time since, including this one from a year ago that says, "Such an amazing community over there! I even got to meet Moira Rose from Sunrise Bay!!!! Beds were comfy, with fresh sheets from a kind girl named Stevie. Thank you Motel!"

It is pretty adorable that people are acting as actual guests at the hotel and reference the characters as real people. 

This person even pretends to be an old friend of Alexis. 

One of the first people to leave a review of Schitt's Creek Motel was a year ago.

They started off the trend by referencing the episode in season four where Johnny accidentally put poison oak in a flower arrangement in the lobby.

The reviews on the Google page are increasing and they just might start tugging at the heartstrings when the show has its series finale in 2020.

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