We know, it sounds bizarre but it is actually pretty cool. If you haven’t heard of the Gopher Hole Museum in Alberta yet, then you can thank us later. This museum is entirely dedicated to dead gophers and while it sounds morbid, it’s actually hilarious and honestly, a great way to spend an afternoon. You may want to put this spot on your bucket list. 

There is a museum for everything. From the creepy and crawly to the intriguing, someone, somewhere has a museum for it.

And lucky for us, dead gophers have a spot that extensive list. 

Known as the Gopher Hole Museum, this place specializes in all things taxidermied and fashionable. 

Located in Torrington, the museum welcomes thousands of visitors every year and it’s easy to see why. 

In the museum, you'll find literally dozens of displays of taxidermied gophers just hanging out. 

The gophers are positioned, styled, and dressed up inside little dioramas and doing a variety of activities including ice skating, playing pool, and doing hair. 

There are even two gophers dressed as an in-love couple from the 50s and we have to admit, it’s pretty cute. 

This is definitely not your ordinary museum, but that’s what makes it so much fun. 

The website to the museum alone is hilarious and under their “meet the team” section, there are corresponding gopher pictures for each staff member.

Thankfully, this museum is open seven days a week which means you can stop in at any time you are in the area. 

Oh and don’t worry, it won’t cost you much to attend. Admission is only $2 a person. 

It may not be your typical must-do trip but you have to admit, it is interesting and it will definitely make for some funny photos. 

You know you were already planning an epic Alberta road trip, what's one more stop along the way?

Gopher Hole Museum 

Price: $2

Address: 208 1 St. South, Torrington, AB

Why You Need To Go: This will literally be your only chance to ever see a gopher dressed up as an RCMP officer.