'Gossip Girl' Has Confirmed A Comeback But It's Going To Be Totally Different From The Original

So you're telling me there's no more Blair and Serena drama?
'Gossip Girl' Has Confirmed A Comeback But It's Going To Be Totally Different From The Original

Good afternoon, Upper East Siders! This may not be Gossip Girl, but I do have a very important message from your favourite New Yorker that you've all been waiting to hear. Since the show ended in 2012, people everywhere have been dying for a reboot, and it looks like we're finally getting it. The streaming service, HBO Max has confirmed that a Gossip Girl spinoff series is coming.

It was just announced on Wednesday, July 17, that after years of rumours and chatter, Gossip Girl is FINALLY making a comeback. The six-season show has captivated audiences all over the world since 2007, so it's safe to say this news is highly anticipated.

According to TVLine, the series only has 10 episodes in store for now but obviously, if it takes off like they hope it will, further seasons will come. 

As much as we'd all love to see Blair and Serena battle it out on the stairs of the Met again, it looks like we'll be watching a whole new cast take on the Upper East Side, as none of the show's original cast members have been confirmed for the spinoff.

That doesn't necessarily mean that we won't see any of the OG cast members, though! In a recent interview, Chace Crawford, who played Nate Archibald in the original series said that he would love to be a part of a reboot, even if it's just as a cameo.

While the original series came to us via The CW Network, this new spinoff will be available for streaming on HBO Max, which is the same service that took over the rights to the hit sitcom Friends from Netflix.

HBO Max hasn't even officially launched yet, but its already looking to be some serious competition for other streaming services. It launches in the US in the Spring of 2020, and has already secured the rights to shows like Pretty Little Liars and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The streaming service has not yet announced a Canadian launch date. We reached out to Crave for comment on whether they would offer the series to Canadians, but they had no information to share.

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