Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick Has Been Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Young Actress

Not again 😞.
Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick Has Been Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Young Actress

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein investigation, it seems yet another Hollywood star is being accused of some seriously alarming rape allegations. Ever since the original exposé of the big-time movie producer began, dozens of other actors have been exposed in the process.

The actor in question is notable Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick, who is currently starring in BBC's White Gold which is currently streaming on Netflix.

Kristina Cohen, a 28-year-old actress took to Facebook yesterday to tell her story of a terrifying night involving Westwick. It began during a dinner three years ago with Westwick, Cohen, her then-boyfriend, a Hollywood producer who was a friend of Westwick, at Ed's home.

Cohen recounts in her post that Westwick made some incredibly inappropriate remarks that sparked her desire to leave. She told her boyfriend and Westwick that she was tired in an attempt to remove herself from the uncomfortable situation. However, Westwick insisting the pair stay for dinner, and her then-boyfriend told her to go up to the guest bedroom and lay down while he smoothed things over with Westwick.

Cohen said that she ended up taking a nap in the guest bedroom as per they guy's suggestion. When she awoke, her then-boyfriend was nowhere to be found and only Ed was in the bedroom with her, who at that point proceeded to sexually assault her.

After the assault, Cohen says that due to her mother's battlewith cancer, the lack of a support system, the risk of her career, as well as her then-boyfriend accusing her of being an active participant, she did not actively tell her story. Her then-boyfriend, who she chose not to name, went as far as to tell Cohen that if she tried to tell her story, Westwick would ruin her career.

Kristina's post has now blown up all over social media with thousands of people offering their support but also questioning her credibility. As of now, Ed Westwick has not made any public comments on the allegations.

A more detailed recount of the events can be found from her Facebook post:


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