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11 Things To Know About Lexi Wood The Model Spotted Kissing Brooklyn Beckham

She sounds pretty awesome.

Brooklyn Beckham was just spotted kissing a mysterious brunette model, and it was definitely not his girlfriend, Chloë Grace Moretz. Brooklyn and Chlo have been dating for what feels like years, and fans are obsessed with the adorable couple.

So it's devastating to reveal that Brooklyn was just spotted swapping spit with someone who is definitely not Chloë. We now know that this mysterious model is actually Lexi Wood. 

Here's everything we know about Lexi.

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1. She's Canadian!

2. She was spotted kissing Brooklyn at a tattoo parlour in Hollywood.

3. Lexi started modeling at age 16.

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4. She moved to Paris when she actively started pursuing her modelling career.

5. Lexi grew up in a small town east of Toronto.

6. She has 92k followers on Instagram.

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7. She has modeled for Playboy and Vogue Japan.

8.  She's scaled a rock wall in Vermont for a modeling job.

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9. Lexi admitted to GQ that she was bullied when she was younger and didn't have many friends growing up.

10. She ended up being homeschooled as a result of the bullying she endured in high school.

11. She's a Taylor Swift fan! 

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