Gather round the campfire and step into the world of the supernatural - admit it, you’re already feeling the nostalgia. 

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When we were young, Are You Afraid Of The Dark was our window into the dark and twisted. It surely turned us into the crazy twenty-somethings we are today. Here's what some of your favourite characters are up to nowadays.

Ross Hull (Gary) 

The OG leader of the midnight society! After attending Ryerson, Ross is now currently working as a meteorologist for Global News all over Canada. Maybe you've seen him on the news reporting weather and just never noticed it was our Gary!


Raine Pare-Coull (Betty Ann)

After taking a huge break, Raine still remained kind of MIA. Though, she has been keeping us updated on her Twitter on the daily. Raine was also featured on the CBC sketch comedy show The Morgan Waters Show.

Jodie Resther (Kiki)

Jodie took a break from TV and moved into the music industry. She has since released two rocking R&B albums! She then continued to make appearances on other classic shows such as Fries With That


Jason Alisharan (Frank Moore)

In 2013, Jason did an interview that reveals he's becoming pretty successful behind the scenes. He's worked on big films such as Transformers, alongside Shia Labeouf. And I'm sorry ladies, but he tied the knot in 2013. 


Daniel DeSanto (Tucker)

With a long list of shows and films under his belt, Daniel had a notable role in Mean Girls as Jason, played Gretchen Wieners' boyfriend. Daniel is still active on Twitter, updating us with his daily activities. 

JoAnna Garcia (Samantha)

Staying pretty relevant even after Are You Afraid Of The Dark, JoAnna has had recurring roles in Party of Five,  Dawson's Creek, Freaks and Geeks, and Gossip Girl. I think it's safe to say JoAnna was meant to stay in film and television. 


Rachel Blanchard (Kristen) 

Rachel got her big break in television replacing Alicia Silverstone for the role of Cher in the TV Show for Clueless. Since then, she has been making small appearances in many television shows. 


Nathaniel Moreau (David)

Unfortunately, Nathaniel left showbiz in the 90s.  Apparently, he had a small role in Loiter Squad in 2015 but that is still unknown.


Codie Wilbee (Stig) 

There is literally no evidence of Codie ever even existing outside of Are Your Afraid Of The Dark ... Like his pal Nathaniel, unfortunately, he's still MIA.   

Jacob Tierney (Eric)

At least Jacob has been keeping up with his acting career after Are You Afraid Of The Dark. He's had a pretty good run since the show as an indie film actor, screenwriter and director. 


Kareem Blackwell (Quinn) 

He currently resides in his hometown of Yonkers, NY, working as a firefighter. He's also the father of an adorable young son.


Elisha Cuthbert (Megan)

An actress and model who has just been crushing it since her Are you Afraid Of The Dark days. Other than her role of Megan, she is also known for playing Kim Bauer in the TV series 24.

Vanessa Lengies (Vange)

Literally in all our favourite classics! Vanessa worked as a voice actor for Arthur, Caillou, 8 Simple Rules, Ghost Whisperer, and the list goes on and on. Oh, and did I mention her huge role in Glee? Vanessa played the role of Sugar Motta from 2011 to 2015.


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