Celebrities often are mistaken for being a lot taller than they actually are due to many different factors. Maybe they're a singer and are always performing on a really tall stage, maybe they're an actor with even shorter co-stars, or maybe they just wear shoe lifts! Regardless, short guys not only exist in Hollywood, but they're thriving- see how many of these male celebs are shorter than you! 

via @brunomars

Bruno Mars // 5'5

Oh Bruno, I'm pretty sure everyone was aware he was short AF after the iconic photo of him and Taylor Swift but that doesn't mean he can't put out straight bops. 

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Daniel Radcliffe // 5'5

So apparently Daniel Radcliffe is shorter than me and I just spent a half hour wondering how I would handle that if I ever met him in person as if that is ever going to happen. 

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Josh Hutcherson // 5'6

Honestly I don't know what I am supposed to do with this new found information that Josh Hutcherson is 5'6 but I am glad I now know this. 

Jon Stewart // 5'6

This is a no toleration for Jon Stewart slander zone IDC if he's like 50+ he's a 'hot male celeb' in my eyes regardless of being the height equivalent to a garden gnome.

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Kenderick Lamar // 5'6 

I cannot be the only person who assumed Kenderick was insanely tall!

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Joe Jonas // 5'7

Ex-purity ring owner singer Joe Jonas apparently is 5'7 and I don't know why but I'm not surprised. This most certainly does mean that Gigi almost exclusively wore flats throughout their entire relationship #goals. 

via @nickjonas

Nick Jonas // 5'7

Apparently to be a successful Jonas brother you need to be short (sorry Kevin). 

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Tom Cruise //  5'7

The fact that Tom Cruise is short makes those compilation videos of him running in movies 10x funnier, by all means if you haven't seen them please do. 

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Dave Franco // 5'7

Apparently the lesser known Franco brother is also the shorter Franco brother! 

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Zac Efron // 5'8

I can't say I'm not surprised, to be honest I thought he was even shorter (what I'm saying is I think he wears shoe lifts). 

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Robert Downey Jr // 5'8

I refuse to believe this until I am face to face with Robert Downey Jr. and see for myself that he is only an inch taller than me. 

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Mark Wahlberg // 5'8

I don't know why but 5'8 is actually taller than I expected Mark Wahlberg to be. It might have something to do with the fact that I associate Boston accents with small people for some reason.

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The Weeknd // 5'8

*It cannot be confirmed if his listed height on the internet includes his hair*. 

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Kit Harrington // 5'8

Not to be dramatic but Kit Harrington could literally be the height of Stuart Little and I'd still be drooling over him.

via @niallhoran

Niall Horan // 5'8 

Maybe it's because he's Irish and I already thought of him as a leprechaun but the fact that Niall Horan is short is frankly adorable. 

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