21 "Riverdale" Behind The Scenes Pics To Get You Psyched For Season 2

Who takes these, Pop Tate??

If you're like us, you're SUPER stoked for the brand new season of Riverdale, coming soon to a laptop near you. When we last left our favourite gang of mystery-solving kids, we had no idea what would be in store for them come season 2. 

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All we hoped for was a little peace, in a little town called Riverdale. Without teacher affairs, hot-tub hostages, or (SPOILER) familial shooting. Now that there's a new season filming, we're getting amazing hints at all of the juicy drama to come. The cast has been dropping tweets, pic and videos left and right about what's coming up this season. Here are some of the shots that had us in our Riverdale feels the most. 

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Josie? A vixen? We wonder what Cheryl Blossom had to say about this..  But our favourite cheerleaders sure do look cute getting ready to rock their routine!! 

"girl with a skinny legend" by @lilireinhart

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#TheCoopers are officially back for #Riverdale Season 2!!! Very excited for the shenanigans to unfold!!❤️😜 @lilireinhart @madchenamick @cwriverdalenews @thecwriverdale

The Coopers are serious family portrait GOALS. But um, Polly?? Where you at??

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Kevin Keller got a free meal in Vancouver, which is pretty amazing for Casey Cott. @ColeSprouse you redeem this too, or?

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Some sweet pre-set snuggles. 

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Archie and Reg are really sweating with anticipation (or just cardio.) 

Just wondering about how much Mama Andrews we'll be catching this season.

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The Lodges are obviously still killing it with the edition of new daddy, Hiram. 

Who is also apparently very popular on set?? But it's not hard to see why tbh. 

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Fred Andrews looking alive and well!! Let's hope??

What was and what will be? Who will live here and when?!

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Also - FP Jones has a new and unlikely neighbour? 

An unlikely combination we are not hating. 

Even Kelly Ripa loves Riverdale??!

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An NFL star swung by set while Kevin Keller was all-dressed in white

Suspiciously like Cheryl and Jason a la row-boat-ride...

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Look at this huuuuge table read 

What kind of scene will involve practically EVERYONE from Riverdale, hmm??

When cami won't run lines with me :(

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KJ getting terribly shafted by one Cami Mendes on her phone. 

Hahahaha look at Charles' eyes lmao

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Some good lad-vibes from Archie and Reggie thanks to these very real on-set prank wars. 

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Also a literally steamy scene from Archie in the shower, thanks to those nude coloured trunks. 

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#Regonica looking cute as hell with a choice edamame bean.

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This cryptic af bloody jacket Instagramed by Riverdale's director. Is it Archie's??? Jason's??? New Reggie's?? Who can tell?! Either way, it's got us more than ready for the brand new season 

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