If there's one thing that people always forget is that things are not always what they seem, not at all...especially on social media. Social media influencers, particularly on Instagram, seem to live the perfectly curated life, when as a matter of fact, it can be quite far from the reality.

Instagram celebrity and model, Alexis Ren, is no stranger to internet drama. Earlier this year, Alexis came clean on Twitter about her eating disorder she developed after the traumatic death of her mother, as well as opened up about her devastating breakup with ex-boyfriend Jay Alvarrez.

Last weekend Alexis turned to Youtube to give her fans a more honest and up close and personal side of herself that isn't diluted or restrained by the Instagram facade - to document her life and to let her fans get to know the real her better. So here are 47 facts you might not have known about Alexis Ren, from Alexis herself:

1. She was homeschooled her entire life.

"We would just kind of fuck off really..."

2. She was a ballet dancer for 10 years and trained 6-7 hours a day.

3. One of her biggest pet peeves is "people saying one thing and then doing the exact opposite".

via @alexisren

4. "If I consider you a friend, I consider you family."

5. She lost her mom to cancer in 2013.

6. People say Alexis is a lot like her mom.

"It's the biggest compliment ever because she was a shining ball of light."

7. "I'm unorganized AF, but I'm trying to get better."

8. Since she was 16, she's lived in 6 different apartments.

"And I wouldn't have it any other way."

via @alexisren

9. She is a travel addict.


10. One of her biggest fears is staying the same.

11. "I'm more of a dork than most people know."

12. She was raised in Santa Monica.

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13. And moved to Tokyo when she was 14.

"Tokyo has a special place in my heart."

14. She has 7 tattoos.

15. She loves anime.

"Super Saiyan Sunday!"

16. She loves "proving people wrong".

17. In 2016, she publicly spoke out about her eating disorder.

via @alexisren

18. And 2017, has been a year of recovery for her.

19. She will choose sneakers over heels any day.

20. "I'm kind of indecisive."

21. She's not a pro at makeup but she's trying to get better.

22. She has more guy friends than girl friends.

via @alexisren

23. She considers her friends her role models.

24. "I consider a woman's body as art."

25. One word: Brunch

26. "I'm learning to be a better listener."

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27. Her mom was a health nutritionist.

28. "My music is my diary."

29. "I'm learning to stick up for myself."

"If you don't teach people how you want to be treated, you're not going to be treated right."

30. "My notes on my phone consist of 3AM thoughts and responsibilities that I am avoiding."

31. "I love late night drives."

via @alexisren

32. "I love skateboarding."

33. She has two sisters and one baby brother who's 10.

34. Her mom LOVED animals, and at one point in her life, they had 3 snakes.

35. One thing she cannot live without is Stevia Extract.

via @alexisren

36. One more word: coffee.

"If I'm having like a shitty day, I will definitely have a coffee."

37. "Hate on social media gets to me."

38. "Hate on social media motivates me."

39. "I love talking about technology and science."

40. Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson are two of her biggest role models.

41. Though she doesn't watch TV much, she loves listening to podcasts.

via @alexisren

42. She loves the tropics but says she probably couldn't live there full time.

43. "I care too much about what other people think of me as opposed to what I think of me. I'm working on that."

44. "I'm really honest...sometimes a little harsh."

via @alexisren

45. "I cus a fucking lot."

46. "I love love love love love late night conversations."

47. " I love learning."

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