The world woke up to shocking and amazing news from the world of sports this morning. While Canada was sleeping, all the way around the world in New Zealand Bianca Andreescu slammed Venus Williams in the ABS Classic tennis tournament.  The victory over Venus Williams, who has previously been ranked as the top tennis player in the world, has been described as a huge upset - but not for Bianca Andreescu and her home country of Canada. She not only defeated Williams in 11 games straight but also took down other tennis giants on her way. 

This win comes only one day after the biggest victory of her career in which she beat Caroline Wozniacki, who was ranked 3rd in the world. She defeated her yesterday in the US Auckland Tournament which is a lead up to the Australian Open. 

For Bianca Andreescu, both these wins are a major accomplishment considering she was ranked only 152nd in the world heading into these matches. She even said herself that she was just hoping to qualify for the tournament and get a few matches in. But now, she's exceeding her own expectations. 

The world now knows that the 18-year-old from Mississauga, Ontario is an up and coming tennis star, but here are seven other things to know about Bianca Andreescu. 

1. She's lived in both Canada and Romania

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Bianca was born right here in Canada, specifically in Mississauga but moved to Romania, her parents home country shortly after that. It was there that she started playing tennis before moving back to Mississauga to join the Ontario Racquet Club. 

2. She started playing tennis at the age of 7

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Bianca began playing tennis when she was living in Romania and she was only seven years old at the time. Coincidentally, this is the same age Venus Williams was when she got into the sport as well, though that was almost 15 years before Bianca was even born. 

3. She's a huge dog person

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If there is one thing Bianca loves just as much as tennis, it's cute little dogs. Unfortunately, her little pup, Jessica, passed away earlier in 2018 at the age of 12. Just one month later in May, Bianca and her family filled the hole in their heart with an adorable dog named Coco. 

4. Her mom is her best friend

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Bianca and her mom, Maria, are most definitely giving the Gilmore Girls a run for their money when it comes to mother-daughter relationships. Bianca and Maria travel everywhere and do almost everything together from the looks of it. Their relationship is actually mother-daughter goals. 

5. Despite being from Toronto, she's not actually a Raptor's fan

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You'd think coming from the six, Bianca would be a Toronto Raptors fan. But, she actually has love for another NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. She posted a picture cheering them on at a home game back in November. 

6. She won her first professional tournament when she was only 16

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At only 16 years old, Bianca won her first professional tournament, according to her mom. The tournament was held in Gatineau, Quebec in 2016. Not only did she take the win but she also got $25,000 for it too. 

7. This wasn't the first time she played with Venus Williams 

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While this was certainly Bianca's biggest win and the first time she ever beat Venus, it wasn't actually the first time she played with her. Back in December 2015, she faced the star in a charity event in Palm Springs Florida. 

Bianca Andreescu is just at the beginning of her career with hopefully several years of great tennis ahead of her. The tournament isn't over either. On Saturday, after midnight our time, she will face off against Su-Wei Hsieh from Taiwan in the semi-finals. 

Sources: Tennis Canada, CBC

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