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A Hacker Stole $130,000 From Paris Hilton And Went On A Crazy Shopping Spree

This story is insane.

Details have just emerged from a case that dates back to 2015. Paris Hilton fell victim to a notorious hacker.

The hacker, Paytsar Bkhchadzhyan, is a woman that hacked into Hilton's bank accounts, emails and also impersonated her in order to steal thousands of dollars. 

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The incidents took place from 2015 to 2017. Paris was one of three victims of the hacking. According to TMZ, she hacked Hilton's bank accounts and used her credit cards to make reservations for a 2015 New Year's Eve party at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel. Reports say that Paytsar spent up to $40,000 just in that one night.

Paytsar also allegedly impersonated Paris online. She sent emails requesting Hilton's assistant wire $80,000 to the hacker's accounts.

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She also stole naked photos of Paris from her iCloud account. She also hacked Paris' dad, Rick Hilton and her sister, Nicki Hilton in an attempt to obtain more passwords for Paris' accounts.

She was finally caught and pled guilty to bank fraud conspiracy in 2017 and she will be sentenced on Monday.

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