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A Canadian Teenager Just Won The Lottery And The Story Is Incredible

So jealous.

We all want to win the lottery right? I mean who doesn't dream of finding out that suddenly all your money problems are solved and you don't need to work again if you don't want to. 

The only issue with this fantasy is that... well it's a fantasy. 99.9% of us never get to live the dream unfortunately no matter how many tickets we buy.  

And then there's some people who just get so stupid lucky that it almost feels insulting.     

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One such person is 18-year-old Charlie Lagarde from the Monteregie area of Quebec who recently bought her first lottery ticket as part of her own initiation into adulthood. 

And she won the whole damn lottery jackpot.   

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So how much money did she win exactly? 

This 18-year-old girl has won $1000 a week for the rest of her life.  

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As you can tell I may be a tad bit jealous here.

A spokesperson for the lottery said that the prize is equivalent to a salary of over $100,000 a year.  

So congratulations to this Lagarde becoming financially stable overnight and for making winning the lottery seem so easy. 

If only it were that easy for the rest of us right? 

Source: Toronto Star

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