All The Celebs Slamming DJ Khaled For His Oral Sex Statement About His Wife


DJ Khaled is getting a lot of hate after he discussed his intimate life with his wife during a radio show. Khaled spoke candidly (and awfully...) about his relationship with his wife of 11 years, Nicole Tuck. 

Khaled was interviewed on the Breakfast Club when the rumours that he "will not go down on his wife" came up. He confirmed those rumours right away by saying he would never perform oral sex on his wife, but it's not okay if his wife did the same. 

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The interview took an unexpected turn when he went on to say that the woman in the relationship should praise the man, like a king. It's safe to say that Khaled's misogynistic and hypocritical comments have created quite a stir. 

Here are a few responses from some celebrities that simply don't agree with Khaled's comments.

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In conclusion, this sweet by @RJ_Marsden sums up the story pretty well.

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