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Arie Finally Figured Out How Old Bekah M. Is On 'The Bachelor' And His Reaction Was Priceless

This episode was just SO hilarious.

Throughout this season of The Bachelor, we as viewers have been teased with Bekah M's ~*unspoken*~ age. While all the other women have displayed their ages on their 'name, occupation, hometown banner', Bekah's age remained a mystery. The L.A. nanny sure was adorable, charming, and definitely had a connection with our bachelor but exactly how old is she?!

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Arie Jr. made some headlines himself prior to his season for being, well, old. The grey hair initially sent up a big red flag to anyone under the age of 25 who loves pining after the season lead themselves. While Arie is only 36 - two years younger than the anti-aging Nick Viall from last season of The Bachelor -many have interpreted him as older and more serious about finding a wife and life partner. 

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Enter Bekah M. The two enjoyed a romantic date in Tahoe, horseback riding and hot-tubing in classic Bachelor fashion. Bekah finally revealed that she was a mere 22-years old, 14-years Arie's junior. He actually gasped which was just amazing for everyone watching. But sadly, also seemed to start to panic. 

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“Oh my god, 22? You’re so young. Have you ever dated anyone my age?” Arie asked, clearly worrying. In his private interview, Arie disclosed that he doubted Bekah was ready to get married and that the age gap may be too far apart. Despite his fears, Arie still offered her a rose, saying, "You're a risk but at this point I can't let you go." 

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Is it just me, or does that sound like a recipe for disaster?!?! I mean, 'you're a risk' isn't exactly what you want to hear from your future fiancee?! I'm not hearing wedding bells here guys. All I know is that one day, she's going home. And it is going to be messy. 

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