Bella Hadid Has A Japanese Alter Ego And She's Already Becoming Instafamous

Her name's Rebekka Harajuku and we love her vibe.

This past weekend, a new and unexpected celebrity was born -- Bella Hadid's blonde alter ego Rebekka Harajuku. Rebekka made her first debut on Bella's Instagram page, with no explanation other than, "🎀Rebekka Harajuku 🎀at your service."

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Rebekka has since launched her own Instagram account, and has amassed over 16K followers in just two days. She's been gracing her fans with photo updates of all her Tokyo adventures. 

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Bella's alter ego is pictured posing with a doorman, having dinner with friends, and shopping in Harajuku with the caption, "Rebekka being Rebekka yesterday in Harajuku, Tokyo 🇯🇵." In one photo, Bella's friend is posing on a couch wearing Rebekka's blonde wig.

Rebekka's also made a few cameos on Bella's personal page. In one photo posted six hours ago the caption reads, "Rebekka getting ready with Raffael. Exclusive shit. 🇯🇵."

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We don't know much about Rebekka Harajuku, or why Bella chose to bring her into the Instagram world, but we like her vibe and we hope we keep seeing more of her.

Source: Marie Claire

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