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Beyonce And Jay-Z May Have Accidentally Announced Their Tour Together

And fans are going insane.

If you're a fan of Queen Bey and Mr Carter, then you probably already know that their joint tour was accidentally announced and then quickly removed from the internet this morning. Oh. my. god... But don't worry, if you have no idea what's going on, we have the details on what went down.

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Earlier this morning, Ticketmaster AND Beyonce's Facebook page announced that she and Jay-Z would be co-headlining "On The Run 2" tour this summer. Before fans could get any information, both websites quickly took down any traces of the announcement, leaving fans completely shook.

Fans were quick to screenshot evidence only minutes before the pages were taken down! Fans are now completely confused because there has been no word from Beyonce, Jay-Z or Ticketmaster on whether the tour is actually happening.

Via Beyonce Facebook / Harpers Bazaar 

Considering there was a complete list of cities, venues and dates - we're expecting that this tour is definitely happening but someone pushed the "green button" a little too early. 

Hopefully, Queen Bey will announce the tour soon because we're all anxious to see the husband and wife duo together again!

Source: Harper's Bazaar

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