Most people think of Vancouver as a place where celebrities pass through to film their new tv shows and movies. This happens so often that it's even gained the nickname of the Hollywood North. Sometimes celebrities actually call Vancouver home. Whether it's because they were born and raised in the city or they fell in love with mountains while working. Either way, here are 6 Vancouver celebrity homes that are understated but unbelieveable.

Kim Cattrall 

Kim Cattrall doesn't exactly spend her time in Vancouver but instead on Vancouver Island! She never expected to find herself back where she grew up but she calls the islands views "magical". She even recorded an entire house tour to show off her luxurious property. 

Jason Priestley 

This Beverly Hills, 90210 star may have disappeared from our TV screens for 19 years, but maybe that's because he was busy being part-owner of a beach resort. Jason Priestley shares The Terrace Beach Resort with his father on the shores of BC a few hours outside of Vancouver. 

Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado is probably one of Vancouver's most loved musicians. She never truly left home and always talks fondly of her home town. Although there aren't any images of her home, she's said to live in a mansion also on Vancouver Island, in an area called Ten Point Mile.

Check out her neighbourhood here!

Steve Nash 

Vancouver island seems a popular spot for these celebrities! Maybe it's the privacy their properties provide. Steve Nash is actually neighbors with Nelly Furtado! 

Kristin Kreuk

Despite making her way to Hollywood for her hit show Smallville, Kristin returned back to her home town of Vancouver to settle down! She says that she feels more understood in Canada than she does in America and that "Los Angeles makes her sad". 

Michael Buble

Michael Buble is another celeb who despite making to A-list status, decided against moving to Hollywood. Michael grew up in Vancouver and now lives in a mansion with his family just outside of the city in Burnaby. The homes pools and tennis court are blocked off by the surrounding trees. 

His neighbours were originally not happy with him moving in next door, as he put up a fence that was even taller than his home. Check out his $11.8 million home here and view the video of the renovation below. 

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