Ryan Reynolds has done some pretty random things over the years and the Vancouver International Airport is now trying to use that to their advantage. One of Canada's largest airports has been trying to gain the attention of Reynolds in order to offer him a position with their company. Specifically, the Vancouver International Airport wants Ryan Reynolds to be their celebrity ambassador.

The airport is desperately trying to find an ambassador who can deliver a message they don't think the population of British Columbia is aware of. This concerns their status as a non-profit company and that they are, in fact, not owned by the government.

The Vancouver International Airport released this hilarious ad on Twitter:

The president and CEO, Craig Richmond, stars in the advertisement.

According to Vancouver Sun, this is what he had to say about their goal to tell British Columbia exactly what they stand for:

"We want to get our message out that we literally do not belong to the government, nor do we belong to any shareholders. We belong to the people of B.C. and any money we make gets put back into the airport. I think that when people understand that, they understand a lot better about why it is we do the things we do."

While the Reynolds campaign ad is partly a joke, Richmond does believe that with the help of the Vancouver-born actor, YVR's message will be better known across the province. 

They also mentioned some other notable Canadian celebs in the video: Seth Rogen, Carly Rae Jepson, and Michael Bublé. Although they're portrayed as inferior to Reynolds in the video, Richmond says that they "just picked a few people" and hopes they "could get some fun going with some of these celebrities."

He said that they picked Ryan Reynolds as their ultimate choice because of his "great sense of humor."

If YVR is looking for some comedy to get their message across, they definitely picked the right guy to call. Check out some meme-worthy Ryan Reynolds content here.

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