We always think of celebrities as constantly busy, either acting in blockbuster movies, recording their next Grammy award-winning album, or preparing for the next big game. The truth is a lot of these celebrities are even BUSIER then we think. A lot of them run businesses on the side. Because of their success in their fields, a lot of celebrities are able to live out dreams that they wouldn't have been able to before, like becoming a restaurant or bar owner. There are tons of Canadian Celebrity restaurants that you probably don't even know about.  

Pick 6ix Sports

Location: Toronto, Ontario 

Drake has branded his saying 'The 6ix" into basically everything he owns, including his sports bar. He co-owns the bar with Chopped Canada judge Antonio Park. The bar is also used as a lounge and serves high-class foods from around the world. 

Wayne Gretzky's and Gretzky's Wine & Whiskey

Location: Toronto, Ontario & Edmonton Alberta 

Tim Horton wasn't the only hockey player to get into the food industry. Wayne Gretzky's self-named bars are huge in their respective cities. Both locations offer a wide selection of interesting hickey memorabilia as decoration. A hockey lovers' dream! 

One Restaurant

Location: Toronto, Ontario 

Antonio Park isn't the only Chopped Canada judge to own a restaurant in Canada. Mark McEwan also runs a restaurant in Toronto. With unique hours (open all day) McEwan offers everything from breakfast to dinner to dessert. 

Schwartz’s Hebrew Delicatessen

Location: Montreal, Quebec 

While known in Canada as literally a QUEEN, Celine Dion also dabbles in the restaurant business. Celine Dion purchased the famous Montreal Deli back in 2012 alongside a group of investors. The cities landmark is known for its iconic brisket!


Location: Toronto, Ontario

This is probably the most well-known Canadian restaurant owned by a celebrity. The burger joint is owned by Mark and Donnie Wahlberg. They first launched their business in Boston but after it's success, they decided to open a location in Toronto. There's also a second location opened up in Toronto at the city's international airport! 


Location: Montreal, Quebec 

Arcade Fire isn't just an epic band that travels the world on tour. They're also co-owners of a Haitian bar and restaurant. The restaurant specializes in classic Haitian delicacies and is known for its fish plates. If you get to know the members it's actually no surprise that they ventured into this business. They all grew up with food industry backgrounds. 

Mimi La Nuit and Mangiafoco

Location: Montreal, Quebec 

This restaurant and bar tucked away in Montreal are owned by none other than Simple Plan's guitarist Jeff Stinco. After first opening his Italian themed restaurant Mangiafoco, the success of his business prompted him to open his wine bar Mimi La Nuit. 

Make sure to check out these celeb restaurants when you're in town!

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