If you've been watching the news lately, particularly in the U.S., you may have heard a thing or two about Donald Trump's latest ambition — to buy the entire country of Greenland. Most people would settle for purchasing a small island somewhere, but not Trump, he requires an entire country. Conan O'Brien and The Property Brothers are teaming up to buy Greenland after Donald Trump fails.

Trump truly thought he had the purchase in the bag, until Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen rejected the idea, that is. In typical Trump fashion, he then proceeded to call the Prime Minister "nasty", and cancelled his upcoming trip to Denmark.

By cancelling the trip, it would seem that Trump also offended Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, so basically, his elaborate plan has turned into a political mess. Worry not, though! A certain late-night TV show host has teamed up with an iconic Canadian duo to devise a plan to buy Greenland after all.

On Wednesday night, Conan O'Brien addressed the issue at hand on his show, and said that even though a lot of people think that Trump was joking about buying Greenland, he thinks it's a great idea, and he even brought on Canada's own Jonathan and Drew Scott, better known as The Property Brothers to give their expert opinion.

O'Brien asked the brothers if they think that purchasing Greenland is a good idea, to which Drew replied, "I checked it out. Your nearest neighbours are Canada and Iceland, and they're both pretty quiet."

Jonathan also chimed in with some professional opinion, suggesting that O'Brien take out a few glaciers and mountains to allow for more natural light, as well as add in a nice kitchen island. 

Obviously, the Conan segment was all fun and games to poke fun at the ridiculous situation, but don't be surprised if you find out that Greenland has been purchased after hearing The Property Brother's expert advice.

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