All eyes will be on Drake this weekend when he performs at his OVO fest on Sunday, but Drake has created even more buzz around his name by dropping a compilation album last night. Drake has been hinting at a new summer project for a while now but no one expected him to release Care Package. Since the album has been released there's been a lot of mixed reviews. Drake released a new album before OVO and fans don't know how to feel about it. 

The compilation album entitled Care Package includes Drake songs from the beginning of his career, more than ten years ago, that he released as solo tracks. 

Some fans were excited about the nostalgic throwback, one Twitter even said that the album, "brought back good memories." 

Other fans weren't as excited about the re-released tunes and didn't hide their feelings on Twitter. 

While some people didn't say whether or not they enjoyed the throwback album, some did say that no matter what Drake is the greatest of all time. They even predicted he'll hit #1 on the charts with his album.

It'll be interesting to see how the charts do play out especially because Ariana Grande dropped a new bop last night! 

We hope that the good publicity outweighs the bad for Drake this weekend especially because he recently got backlash for the price OVO tickets were selling for

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