The Tesla tycoon loves to tweet and his latest claimed that the pyramids are out of this world — literally. However, Elon Musk's pyramid conspiracy was quickly shut down. Not only did a renowned Egyptologist debunk his theory, one top Egyptian official even invited him to see the country's pride in-person.

In a viral tweet on Friday, July 30, the billionaire CEO and prospective space traveller announced his support for the conspiracy theory that the pyramids had extraterrestrial origins.

"Aliens built the pyramids obv," Musk claimed.

He followed up by citing a BBC article about the lives of those who built the pyramids, writing that it "provides a sensible summary for how it was done."

Over the next three days, Musk's tweet garnered over 500,000 likes and 80,000 retweets. And, two days after publication, it prompted Egypt's Minister of International Cooperation, Rania A. Al Mashat, to respond.

"I follow your work with a lot of admiration," she wrote. "I invite you & Space X to explore the writings about how the pyramids were built and also to check out the tombs of the pyramid builders. Mr. Musk, we are waiting for you."

In case seeing the evidence in person isn't enough, expert Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass also stepped in with an informational video spoken in Arabic.

"What you said are wrong and hallucination," said Hawass, according to a translation by Egypt Today.

The acclaimed researcher continued that there are inscriptions all over the tombs and the insides of the Khufu pyramid naming the Egyptian workers who built the structures.

What's more, the tombs of the builders themselves are inscribed with messages saying they are Egyptian and not slaves.

Hawass later told media "It is clear that the wealth of the American billionaire did not make him famous, so he claimed that the pyramids were built by aliens and king Ramses II was from space to gain some fame," according to Egypt Today.

Musk has been known for his odd Twitter behaviour, which includes endorsing Kanye West for President, praising hydroxychloroquine as a possible COVID-19 treatment, and denying that he and Bill Gates are lovers.

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