Although the hilarious sitcom that was Seinfeld came and went before I was even born, that doesn't mean that I haven't seen almost every episode multiple times (not necessarily by choice, my dad just happens to be a massive fan). Over the years the show has really grown on me, and Jerry Seinfeld's laughable sense of humour never fails to entertain. He may be much older now, but that doesn't mean Seinfeld's going into retirement anytime soon! Jerry Seinfeld was spotted at Toronto's FART Cafe.

FART Cafe, also known as Food and Art Cafe, is actually located in Whitby, which is about an hour away from TO, but it's still a popular breakfast spot in the area, nonetheless. The reason for Seinfeld's visit? He was performing at the Tribute Communities Centre in Oshawa, and decided to grab a bite to eat!

While at the cafe, Seinfeld ordered pea soup and a veggie omelet, which anyone who's seen Seinfeld would find totally ironic. There's an episode of the show, actually dubbed "The Soup", where Seinfeld takes a friend out for dinner on his dime, but the friend only orders a soup and insists that "soup isn't a meal", so Seinfeld will have to buy him dinner at another time.

A running group called "Moms Do It All Night Long" was enjoying breakfast at FART Cafe while Seinfeld was there, and they didn't hold back on chatting with him or even asking him for a group photo. Apart from the quick fan encounter, the rest of his visit stayed pretty lowkey and ordinary.

The cafe also honoured Seinfeld's visit with a kind shoutout on Facebook. "Guess who ate breakfast at The Fart this morning! Thank you Jerry Seinfeld for choosing us. You made our day!", they wrote.

Seinfeld will be doing a string of appearances this summer, and the next place you'll be able to find him is the Beacon Theatre in New York City on June 6th and 7th! Be sure to get yourself some tickets if you'll be in the city, and are in need of a laugh. 

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