At the end of 2019, the Canadian singer was called to court over an Instagram photo that was posted uncredited on his account. Now, he may be getting into trouble again with a more recent Instagram meme that's gone viral. John Cena challenged Justin Bieber to a wrestling match after being shown the "Yummy" singers hilariously edited photo. 

The 42-year-old former WWE star made a recent appearance on The Talk to promote his newest film Dolittle that's set to be released in theatres on January 17. 

It was there that host Carrie Ann Inaba was curious as to whether or not Cena was aware of the wrestling meme, created by Bieber, that was circulating the internet. 

The meme originated from a paparazzi photo depicting the Stratford native falling off his infamous unicycle. It had been edited to look like Bieber was in the process of slamming Cena in a wrestling ring. 

As the edited photo was flashed across the screen, the wrestler gone actor took the joke in stride, filling his threat with nothing but humour, "Justin Bieber, if that is even your real name… I know you’re going to see me in Dolittle but if you see me on the streets, we’ll do far from little.”

After turning the threat into an effective way to advertise his new movie, he softened the blow even more by complimenting the singer, “If it’s a face-off you want, you can find me at WrestleMania, we’ll go through the whole song and dance, which pretty much means you serenading me with your beautiful voice and then teaching me how to dance.” 

This isn't the first time that Bieber has found himself in the midst of a potential fighting match. A few months ago the 25-year-old challenged Tom Cruise to a UFC fight for no apparent reason. 

If Justin Bieber does actually want to involve himself in a wrestling match or UFC fight, it may be a while until he is physically prepared. 

The "Baby" singer recently revealed that he's spent the last year battling Lyme disease

He did, however, seem in good spirits in a recent outing with YouTuber David Dobrik, surprising fans and promoting his new music. 


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