On Wednesday night, two big things happened. First, Justin Trudeau was accused of "brownface" in a picture from 2001. The other thing that happened was YouTuber Lilly Singh's new show, which aired an hour-long prime time special. But one thing didn't happen, and that's Justin Trudeau appearing on her show as planned. Justin Trudeau's appearance on Lilly Singh's new show was canceled amid his scandal. 

On Wednesday, September 18, TIME broke the story that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had been wearing "brownface" in a rediscovered photo. In the photo, you can see Trudeau with darkened skin, in a full-on Aladdin costume. The photo was from a Vancouver high school yearbook where he was a teacher. 

Not only did Justin Trudeau hold a quick press conference, but he apologized for the incident and even admitted that he believes it's racist. He held this press conference on a plane, and we now know where he may have been headed. 

HuffPost revealed today that The Prime Minister of Canada was supposed to be on the primetime special episode of Lilly Singh's new show, A Little Late with Lilly. On the show, she had Christina Aguilera, as well as Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore from This Is Us. Missing from that lineup was Justin Trudeau. 

It's not clear whether Lilly's team or Trudeau's team pulled the appearance, but his no-show was not brought up at all during the episode. 

While promoting her primetime special, Lilly revealed yesterday who her guests would be. In the Instagram post, she originally had Justin Trudeau tagged, but it's since been deleted and removed. 

Trudeau was one of the first people to wish Lilly good luck on social media, which made other celebrities follow. 

While it's not certain if Trudeau will make an appearance on her show after this scandal is over, other Canadians are hoping he will resign altogether. We will have to wait and see if Lilly Singh brings up his absence, or if we will just have to guess who cancelled the appearance. 

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