Though it’s been over a decade since the show had its series finale in 2009, Twitter is still talking about certain elements of Life With Derek. The Family Channel show was about two teenage step-siblings who were forced to live together and somewhat get along after their parents got married. The show's two stars, Michael Seater and Ashley Leggat, apparently ship “Dasey” and they responded to fans’ speculations online.

A video, which was posted by a Twitter user earlier this week, quickly went viral and got tons of attention from other fans.

The 15-second clip came from the last episode in the series and featured Derek (Seater) and Casey (Leggat) talking about their lives in post-secondary school. When Casey calls him her “brother”, Derek corrects her and says “step-brother” to which she responds “same difference.” That interaction paired with a moment of prolonged eye contact had fans in the replies talking.

The user who posted it added the caption, “nah Canada needs to answer for this one.”

First to respond was Seater who retweeted the video and added the caption, “Trailblazers.”

Leggat responded to the hype shortly after with a tweet saying, “I love the yearly nostalgic Life with Derek trend that happens. BTW I still go down with this ship. #LifeWithDerek #Dasey”. She attached a selfie of the two actors together.

This isn’t even the first time the topic has been brought up. Back in March 2018, Seater tweeted, “So if @AshleyLeggat and I did a podcast where we read *ahem* #dasey fanfic... would people be into it? #LifeWithDerek”. He attached a similar photo of the two lying down together.

Leggat’s tweet got quite a few hilarious responses including someone asking them to “write a sketch giving us the tension release we were supposed to get in 2005.”

Seater’s tweet got this reply too.

One Twitter user asked, “how about for now we just put the show on disney plus?” 

Life with Derek is one of the few shows that has yet to be added to Disney+. 

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