Just about any celebrity you can think of gets hate online from time to time, but it's always interesting to see how each person deals with the drama. As of late, Lilly Singh's "bisexual woman of colour" comments have been stirring up controversy online, but the late-night host doesn't care what the haters have to say.

Singh's career started years ago when she launched her YouTube channel under the alias ||Superwoman||. Over time, the Scarborough born star has amassed over 18 million subscribers across her three channels, making her one of the most successful content creators on the platform.

2019 was a huge year for Singh. The 31-year old transitioned from YouTube to become the host of her own TV show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh.

This on its own is already a huge deal, but add in the fact that Singh is the first bisexual woman of colour to achieve such a feat and it becomes even more impressive.

Although the comedian does use those words to describe herself from time to time, it's not as though she mentions in every episode of her show that she's a bisexual woman of colour, or throws the term around loosely or inappropriately.

According to some haters though, Singh uses the term too much, and they've taken to commenting on her social media pages to let the Canadian icon know exactly how they feel.

On January 5, Singh addressed the comments on both Twitter and Instagram, clapping back and letting haters know that she doesn't give a d*mn what they think.

"A comment I occasionally receive in response to my YouTube videos and late-night show is something along the lines of: 'Stop mentioning you’re a bisexual woman of colour!' I’m not going to lie, my initial plan was to make a post roasting these people but what would that accomplish? A mantra I’m using moving forward is compassion over cancellation and education overreaction. So instead of reacting out of anger, I thought I’d lovingly share a few thoughts," the late-night host wrote on her Instagram.

"Firstly, when I announced my late-night show, it was a strange experience for me to see headlines describing me as a bisexual woman of colour. Trust me, if you think you’ve seen this phrase a lot with respect to me, I’ve seen it more. It was a challenging thing to navigate because I wanted to be described firstly by my accomplishment but instead of feeling some type of way about this repetitive description, I chose to embrace it. Secondly, being able to celebrate who I truly am has been a very difficult journey. Whenever I can loudly and proudly be my true self, it self-validates a part of me that so many others have tried to invalidate."

Singh then went on to point out that in the 96 episodes of her show's first season, she only used the phrase about four times, but regardless of how often she says it, nobody gets to tell her how to represent herself.

The A Little Late host signed off with a positive ending, ensuring that she has no hatred in her heart, only hope that people can be kind to one another.

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